Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So there's this thing called Julep...

One of my Instagram friends, Michelle from Texas Tanners blog (who by the way ALSO just had twins) turned me on to Julep. Julep is just plain awesomeness. Julep has the most amazing and beautiful nail polish, nail lacquer, as well as beauty and body products. It works very similar to Birchbox, in that you sign up to become a "Maven" after determining what beauty profile you belong to, then select your monthly subscription. Each month you receive a random shipment, falling within your e color & style category. My subscription was $19.99 a month.

For instance, mine was "Bombshell", so each month I get a full size product and two limited edition nail lacquers.

The first month, I got the start-up kit, which contained 5 nail lacquers and an amazing nude-pink lip gloss that tasted like cupcakes. The bonus was that it didn't taste fake or like chemicals, which many often do.

Yesterday I placed an order for the "Oxygen" nail treatment, shown here:

And I also ordered this beautiful gold-glitter polish...which I can't wait to try out. You MUST check it out. Thanks Michelle.


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