Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time to Update

I've very clearly been absent from both my blogs for months now...but I have a wonderful excuse...the TWINS are finally here!! Well, they didn't JUST get here. In fact-they will be 4 months on Friday!!!! YAY!!!!

The last few months were filled with adjusting to a new life with babies (Psst, I forgot they don't sleep through the night), finding a nanny while I went back to work, and generally caring for them as well reestablished what life would be like from here forward.

The current agenda right now is 1) getting them to sleep through the night......(going so-so), & 2) working through all the teething issues.

My personal laptop hard drive crashed at the beginning of the year, and with everything going on, I just got it replaced last night. So over the next few weeks my goal is to get both blogs updated, and start integrating back into society-ha!

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