Saturday, September 29, 2012

BIRCHBOX-The Last 3 Months...

I have a monthly subscription to Birchbox which affords me the ability to try all kinds of awesome products, but not pay full price, all for $10 a MONTH. Receiving a sample or trial size gives me the ability to check out some amazing finds, as well as products that I may not purchase a retail size due to the high price.

Birchbox recently launched a subscription for Birchbox Men, which I haven't purchased for the hubby yet, but looks promising. The only thing that has deterred me so far is that the monthly subscription is $20 a month. I really couldn't see paying a total for two subscriptions of $30 a month to Birchbox, to try new products when we have twins on the way. Maybe it's just me, but $20 seems a little high.

I did want to mention some of the cool products I have really loved which arrived in my monthly box during the past three months. They are:

Amika Obliphica Nourishing Hair Mask. They larger size (60 ml.) is sold at Birchbox: for $12.00 but I actually found a much better deal, for 16.9 ounces at Amazon, for only $24.00. You do the math.

The scent is out of this world. Floral, fruity, perfumy...but not too much. AND, it actually did make my hair feel softer, and more conditioned. I slept in the mask overnight, then rinsed and styled in the morning. Love it!

Next, I received a sample of Marula-The Leakey Collection, Omega Rich Pure Marula Oil. I loved trying this product for my skin because besides the heavenly scent, I had never used just a mineral oil on my face as a moisturizer. I really expected it to feel greasy, or not to hydrate and moisturize well but I was pleasantly surprised.

However, it is quite costly, and I really couldn't see spending the $78 on .50 ml of the product. I did find a good alternative moisturizer which I'll talk about next, but is not a mineral oil. One day I would definitely consider purchasing this (when we have a surplus of money) but for now, I still prefer a traditional creme moisturizer over a mineral oil. I would use this to supplement, but still prefer the traditional moisturizer approach. I'll talk about this in my next post.


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