Friday, December 9, 2011

Obsession Confessions

I have a problem. I am aware of the problem, but I refuse to get help. My recent obsessions are let me tell you about Pinterest. Here are all the reasons I think it's okay to waste hours on my iPhone on Pinterest.

1) I find cool ideas for my blogs
2) I am able to promote my blog by posting my photos on Pinterest the link back to my blogs
3) I find things I want to buy
4) I buy things
5) I buy lots of things.......OKAY, this is going downhill....

....OKAY Back to reality-

In addition to those "issues" I have found that can be quite addictive.

Through Etsy, (& by the way-you can find virtually any product there) I have found the cutest site named O.M.G.

They have THE cutest hairbands & hair clips. I just bought the "klepto" applique which is soooooooooooo cute:
You must, must, must check it out.

They have some other adorable ones as well like:

From Etsy I also found (Yarntwisted) & got the red headband/ear-warmer. For those of us living in the frozen tundra, there are days you hair looks semi-cute, & you don't want to mess it up by putting a big hat over it, yet you still want your ears to be warm. Here is the solution: And yes, she DOES have cute hair.

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