Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yellowstone Part 2

The rain has finally let up...and we have seen a variety of animals like black bear, bison, wolf, deer, and elk.
We did a lot of hiking and tried to get "off the beaten path" as much as possible.

Our cabin was amazing, and the proximity to the West Yellowstone park entrance was close enough to be able to go into the park each day. We did learn our lesson about not bringing lunch, and ate at the cafe near Old Faithful on day 2.

Let's just day expensive doesn't begin to describe it. The next day we brought our lunch and ended up eating next to a beautiful stream, and taking our time!!

All in all, it was a great vacation. I do have to say I am still a bigger fan of Glacier though! I am glad to say that I did Yellowstone and it really was beautiful.

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